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Helen Newell Reiki Master and Teacher, Mindfulness Meditation Teacher

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Mindfulness Meditation in Coventry


Meditation involves quietening the mind so that the endless chatter that normally fills our heads is stilled. By slowing down and noticing what is happening around us, by becoming more mindful, we begin to experience life in a more peaceful, calm and enjoyable way; we experience happiness, health and well-being.

Individual Tuition

I will guide you, step-by-step, through deep breathing exercises, relaxation and different approaches to meditation, so that you can find the method that works best for you. Join me on a one-to-one basis, with hourly meditation sessions (£35 per session).

I can tailor the course to suit your individual needs. For example, some of the things we could focus on are: Mindful eating and weight loss; Meditation for therapists and healers; Meditation and the chakra system; Mindfulness Meditation and Pain Management; Meditation to reduce stress and anxiety.

To book a course of one-to-one meditation tuition please call me on 07538 062935 or click the following link to email me directly .

Meditation Classes

I run a range of different meditation classes for beginners and those who have already attended an introductory course or who have attended one-to-one sessions with me. Groups are always small. Classes are held on Tuesday evenings at the Pilgrim Physiotherapy Practice.

The cost of a small group meditation course (6 sessions) is £72. To find out more about course dates or to book a meditation course please call me on 07538 062935, or click the following link to email me directly .